Pay Weekly Catalogues

Pay Weekly Catalogues offer buy now pay later options for their customers that wish to buy on credit. The customer can then spread the cost of their payment over 6-12 months and pay it off in weekly installments. Thus rather than one large sum of hundreds of pounds or even a monthly figure of £20-£40 it is now only a few pounds a week, making things much more manageable.

Are you considering shopping online at pay weekly catalogue websites? If you are worried about credit scores or having enough money to pay for the things that you want to buy, than this may just be a good idea for you! If you are worried about what to get your kids or partner, and you don’t want to wander aimlessly up and down aisle after aisle of seemingly endless clothing stores, then it’s time to change your mind about online shopping. So you’re obviously interested now, and you want to know more, right? What types of things can you buy from a pay weekly catalogue? Well, let me tell you, there are so many things that you’ve never even though of that you can get from these types of catalogues. You can buy things like toys, or things like clothing, or even electronics, lingerie, and housewares – and everything can be purchased from the same catalogue, so no more running around through huge stores frantically, because with online shopping, it’s all just a mouse click away.

What is pay weekly?
So let’s talk about what it means to pay weekly, versus pay monthly, or any other type of buy now and pay later catalogues. The best types of deals to get when shopping at online catalogues are buy now and pay later deals, in which you purchase items using a card or account specific to the particular store at which you are shopping, and then you have a certain amount of time, usually twelve to eighteen months, to pay back the money that you have spent in full. These types of deals usually don’t charge interest unless you don’t have the full balance paid off in the allotted amount of time, and then the interest rates are usually astronomical. Having said that, don’t let the interest rates scare you, because the majority of people get the loan paid off long before it is actually due – having no interest on the initial amount you have spent also helps because you don’t have to worry about getting deeper in debt while you are trying to make payments on your balance. Paying weekly can be a little more structured than paying monthly, which actually may be better for you if you are someone who struggles with credit card payments and remembering to pay bills. It will also keep your bills down, since you are paying four times per month instead of once per month, you are paying less each time, though total you are paying about the same amount as you would be if you are paying monthly.

However, with a buy now and pay later card versus a regular credit card, you will actually end up paying a lot less because you are not charged interest on your purchases if you don’t have them paid off in a month, whereas with a normal credit card, you must pay off the balance in full every month or you will be charged interest, which will compound after a while. With a buy now and pay later card, you don’t have to worry about having interest added to your loan if you can’t pay it off in full every month, but you do still have to concentrated on getting your loan paid off within the allotted amount of time, or you will end up paying twice as much as someone else with a regular credit card would pay. So let’s talk about what kind of payments you should be making. Most cards or accounts require a minimum weekly or monthly payment, and most are not specific when it comes to overpayment, but are extremely specific when it comes to underpayment, especially when it means that you may default on the loan that you have with them. So make every attempt to pay at least the minimum payment, but do your best to dedicate as much money as you can to pay off this bill, so that you can rest easy when your payments period is up, knowing that you have gotten your debt paid off.

Why Shop Pay Weekly Catalogues
The ease of shopping at online catalogue sites that offer buy now pay later plans and spread the cost plans is both a blessing and a curse. The convenience of finding what you are looking for online at a competitive price, is certainly a blessing, as is the possibility of staggering the payments if you are short on cash. You can purchase things that you may need and pay for them in small amounts that fit your budget. This all to the good, but the curse, or at least the danger, arises for people who don’t manage their finances particularly well. This is because a failure to keep up with payments can leave you with even higher bills because of late payment fees and interest charges that can grow out of control. When spreading the cost of a purchase one expects that interest payments will make the purchase more expensive than it would be if it were paid up at once. But this is a trade off for being able to make the purchase at all. For many people who may have limited cash or who perhaps cannot use a major credit card because of bad credit, spread the cost catalogue companies which offer personal accounts with pay weekly as well as other options are the best possibility for buying the things they and their families need.

The many catalogue shopping sites that offer buy now pay later plans to their customers are a real option for people with bad credit who want to make purchases now but have low credit scores, and maxed out credit cards or cancelled credit cards. You will pay some interest on your purchases when you spread the cost, but if you truly have bad credit, you will find that high interest charges are unavoidable anyway, and the small weekly payments under a buy now pay later plan are much more manageable than the amounts that would be due on purchases with a more conventional credit account, like a credit card.

Catalogue shopping is a convenient way to find any type of merchandise you might want, everything from Furniture, large appliances and the latest electronics, toys and games to home décor, jewelry, health and beauty aids, and clothing for men, women and children, from top of the line manufacturers, all with the painless spread the cost financing option. You can find all these items and more at catalogue websites like Littlewoods, K&Co, and Very, to name just a few. All of these websites carry a wide range of merchandise.

Spread the Cost Plans
Spreading the cost of your purchases with a personal account from these companies is straightforward. After applying, you will be assigned a credit limit, and any purchases you make up to this limit will be reflected in your weekly statement along with the minimum payment due, and the due date. In addition, many catalogue stores offer no payments or interest in the first 6, 9, or 12 months following your purchase. You can pay the account off with no interest within this time, or spread the cost over a longer period if you wish.
If you do choose to spread the cost of your purchases, one of the best options for people who are struggling to manage debt and overcome a bad credit history is the pay weekly option. First of all, choosing to pay weekly allows you to break up your payments into smaller more manageable amounts. Another benefit of paying weekly is that it helps you discipline yourself to allocate your money towards your debts, rather than spending it elsewhere. This is of great importance for people who frequently find themselves in debt. By sticking to a pay weekly schedule, you are spending your money to pay your bills before you can spend it on something else, which is perhaps less necessary. This is a great reason why, if you must purchase certain items, choosing to shop from a payweekly catalogue is a wise decision.

Catalogues with a Pay Weekly Option
The catalogues that offer pay weekly plans are mostly part of Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited, which is one of the UKs biggest online retailers. The most well known members of the Shop Direct group of catalogue sites are Littlewoods, and Woolworths, which are both old names in the retail industry in Britain and elsewhere, and the newly formed K&Co, and Isme which were created in 2011. K&Co was formed to unite the older retailers Kays, Great Universal, and Empires Stores and Isme is a modern remaking of the former Marshall Wards These retailers names have been remade to reach modern consumers with merchandise which is in demand, offered at prices and on terms that even people with bad credit can afford..
These sights offer 24 hour delivery and free returns, and many delivery options, designed to make catalog shopping for womens fashions, mens and boys clothes, home items and electrical appliances easier and more convenient than ever. They also allow you to spread the cost of your purchases with easy weekly payments and no deposit required, once you open an shopping account. Whether the shopping account is called a Woolworth’s account, or a Littlewoods account, etcetera, the terms and conditions are the same. With a shopping account you can get the items you need right now but not have to worry about making any payments for as much as 12 months. You can spread the cost of your purchase over 20 weeks interest free, or over 52 weeks for purchases over £100. Simply shop the website or call with your order. Click the buy now pay later button on the webpage after you complete your transaction, and you can choose a no interest , no payments period dependent on the amount of your purchase. If you pay the full purchase price within the specified period you will not be charged an interest on your purchase. If you do not wish to pay the price in full during that period you may spread the cost even further by using your options account. Interest on the balance of a buy now pay later purchase with your options account is equivalent to a 39.4% APR.

All the sites are user friendly as easily search able by product type, brand name, cost and size where appropriate. Special features also make the sights attractive. Littlewoods offers frequent shoppers a rewards program which allows them to earn credit towards future purchases, based on the payment of their accounts. Simply by opening an account you become a member of the rewards program and regular payments earn rewards. So if you want the latest in electrical or this seasons new look, or you need school clothes for your children, or a new piece of furniture, the catalogues from the shop direct group are where you should look. Their pay weekly plans allows you to spread the cost of your purchases into small, manageable amounts, and even allow you to buy interest free if you can manage the larger payments.

What can I buy and pay weekly on?
So let’s talk about what you want to purchase.  If you have younger children, you may be more interested in the toys or clothing, but if you have older children, chances are they are more interested in electronics or upscale clothing.  Let’s talk about your husband.  If he’s a coffee drinker, there might be some electric grinder or a specialized coffee maker that he would love to receive, but if he’s a tie guy, then there is a huge selection of ties at pretty much any place you may be looking online.  Let’s say he more of a tool guy; there’s no problem with that either, because most online catalogues have a selections of tools and other types of home improvement need.  And you could even do a little shopping for the grandparents, because we all know how much they love pictures of the grandkids – and holiday sweaters.  Also, now isn’t the time to leave yourself off the Christmas list, because even though you may have been more naughty than nice, you still deserve to treat yourself to something.  So what is that something going to be?  Are you into fine jewelry,  or are you more of a makeup person?  No matter what you are thinking about getting for yourself, online pay weekly catalogues have got you covered.  From blanket and throws, to clothing that you almost never get to go shopping for, they literally have almost everything that a person could ever want.  So start shopping, because you, and the rest of your family, deserve the best, and online pay weekly catalogues can provide you with the kind of shopping experience you’ve only ever dreamed of!  And all of that magic is less than two mouse clicks away.

Debt and Bad Credit
Although banks aren’t flooding your mailbox with credit card offers like they were a few years ago, and government oversight of the banking industry is improving, credit card debt and bad credit generally continue to be a significant problems for many of us.
There are two main reasons that credit purchases can get such a stranglehold on a families’ finances. The first and most obvious is that purchasing on credit allows us to spend money that we don’t have, something which is simply too tempting for a lot of people to avoid. The second reason kicks in after debts become large: missed payments, late payments, or underpayments can cause the interest charged to an account each billing period to be greater than average payment amount. Federal laws passed in the last few years require banks to set minimum payments large enough to prevent this phenomenon, called negative amortization, from occurring. However , if minimum payments are neglected, or if payments are less than the minimum, which is precisely what tends to happen when debt first begins to go out of control, negative amortization results in a snowballing of debt that can seem impossible to escape.

Individuals with really bad credit debt may face years of work before they can set their finances right. The first step on the road back is obvious: establish a household budget and stop unnecessary spending! The second is to consolidate your debt to the lowest interest credit card you have. If just establishing a budget and controlling monthly spending isn’t enough to allow you to make your monthly payments. It may be necessary to contact a credit counseling agency, to help you manage your debts and negotiate with your creditors..
Many people today are facing the problems caused by bad credit, but with discipline and perseverance they are finding their way back to financial solvency.

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